This is it…

This is it… at this time tomorrow (Tuesday), our Prop 8 Legal Defense Team will be standing before the nine justices of the Supreme Court of the United States in the final legal test for traditional marriage.

To prepare for this pivotal and historic moment, we have assembled the best legal minds available to put forth the best arguments possible—backed by the faithful support and financial assistance of tens of thousands of committed friends like you.

In our final preparations, last week we filed the final, closing brief on the merits of this case.  In it, we summed up the competing visions of marriage that separate us from the advocates of “same-sex” marriage:

“At the heart of this case are two competing conceptions of marriage.
The traditional conception—which has prevailed throughout recorded
history in virtually all societies—holds that marriage is by its nature a
gendered institution. Its central purpose—its raison d’être—is to channel
potentially procreative sexual relationships into enduring, stable unions
for the sake of responsibly producing and raising the next generation. …

“Plaintiffs deny this historical account, deriding both the gendered
definition and the intrinsically procreative purpose of marriage as
“newly constructed” and “litigation-inspired.” Pl.Br.2, 21. They offer
a genderless conception of marriage that is essentially unconcerned
with procreation: marriage is designed, they say, to recognize and
promote the “liberty, privacy, association, … commitment,” and “love”
of adult couples. …

“The truth is that Plaintiffs’ genderless, adult-centered understanding
of marriage is a recent academic invention; its pedigree originates with
the modern movement to redefine marriage to include same-sex couples.
And because it deliberately severs the abiding connection between marriage
and the unique procreative potential of male-female unions, Plaintiffs’
conception of marriage can offer no explanation whatever for why the
institution is a ubiquitous, cross-cultural feature of the human experience,
nor why it is, as this Court has consistently emphasized, “fundamental to
our very existence and survival.”

Read more of our final, closing brief in support of Proposition 8 HERE.

So Tuesday’s hearing before the highest court in the land is the last line of defense against our opponents’ drive to judicially, and permanently, impose a redefinition of marriage for generations to come. Stay tuned here for updates in this monumental, years-long battle to protect traditional marriage.

No News is…No News

After holding their private conference today, the U.S. Supreme Court has still not taken action on our pending appeal in the Prop 8 case to save traditional marriage.

So we have a bit longer to wait.  We could possibly hear a result as early as Monday morning.  Or, the Court may need more time to decide whether to grant our petition.  In that case, the court might re-set our petition for futher consideration at their next conference to be held next Friday.

We’ll let you know as soon as we do!

Awaiting the news is awaiting the United States Supreme Court’s decision about whether to hear the Perry v. Brown case, as we’ve petitioned. The Court is scheduled to conference Friday, November 30th and release its decision as early as that afternoon, Eastern time. There are several possible outcomes to their conference:

1. The Court will agree to hear our case. In this scenario, we will likely present written briefs in January, be scheduled for oral arguments in Spring 2013, and the Court will decide the issue of traditional marriage sometime in the Summer.

2. The Court will decide not to grant our petition, in which case Prop 8 will be deemed unconstitutional.

3. The Court will not make any decision at this time on our petition. Under this scenario, the Court would be able to consider our petition during a future conference.

We will immediately update you on the Court’s actions, so please stay tuned!