Awaiting the news is awaiting the United States Supreme Court’s decision about whether to hear the Perry v. Brown case, as we’ve petitioned. The Court is scheduled to conference Friday, November 30th and release its decision as early as that afternoon, Eastern time. There are several possible outcomes to their conference:

1. The Court will agree to hear our case. In this scenario, we will likely present written briefs in January, be scheduled for oral arguments in Spring 2013, and the Court will decide the issue of traditional marriage sometime in the Summer.

2. The Court will decide not to grant our petition, in which case Prop 8 will be deemed unconstitutional.

3. The Court will not make any decision at this time on our petition. Under this scenario, the Court would be able to consider our petition during a future conference.

We will immediately update you on the Court’s actions, so please stay tuned!



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