Proposition 8 Legal Defense Fund

Since the day it was adopted by California voters, Proposition 8 has been under full legal assault in both state and federal courts by same-sex marriage activists seeking to nullify the people’s vote. The Prop 8 Legal Defense Fund already scored a major victory in the California Supreme Court upholding Prop 8 against several state constitutional challenges.

However, that was just the first round of attacks.  Now, in the Perry v. Brown federal legal challenge, same-sex marriage activists are pushing again to overturn Proposition 8, and set a nationwide precedent to nullify traditional marriage laws in every other state as well. You can read more about the Perry case here.

The Prop 8 Legal Defense Fund is raising funds necessary to defend against all of these legal challenges.  With the support of Hollywood stars and wealthy same-sex marriage activists, our opposition has hired some of the nation’s most high-powered attorneys to lead the legal attacks against traditional marriage and Prop 8. Also, our opponents enjoy the support of an army of taxpayer-funded lawyers working for public entities such as the City and County of San Francisco.

Because California’s Governor and Attorney General refuse to carry out their public duties to defend Prop 8 on behalf of the voters (in fact, they are actively working to nullify it), we rely 100% on the voluntary financial support of individual supporters nationwide to fund Prop 8’s legal defense. We have a heavy responsibility to carry out, having been officially designated by the California Supreme Court to represent California voters and the state’s interests in Prop 8’s validity.

This is an epic battle costing millions of dollars to wage, and we need your financial support to ensure that our outstanding legal team has the resources needed to go up against the biggest, most powerful law firms in the country, and ultimately, to prevail in the U.S. Supreme Court. Please make a generous contribution to support the official legal defense of Prop 8 today.